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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Congratulations PTAK!

Congratulations to the outgoing Professional Trainers Association of Kenya leadership team for the work they have done to launch the association, recruit nationwide membership and establish PTAK as a brand in the market today. Being an entrepreneur, I know that is no mean feat. We fully appreciate the sacrifice, initiative and commitment of those who have made efforts to bring PTAK to where it is today.
Statistics indicate that 80% of new organizations fail within the first two years. If a business is able to survive for three years it is doing something right and, with good management, has the potential to last forever. By the grace of God, PTAK in four years, has surpassed all these hurdles and is on a path to a bright future. However, the national context, in which PTAK was born, has changed significantly and offers dramatic new opportunities for the professional growth, engagement and impact of the association in national affairs.
As we put together a new visionary leadership team on the 20th of November 2014 to take PTAK to the next level, we will be standing on the shoulders and riding the tide of those who have labored hard and long to lay a strong foundation. Congratulations all PTAK members and congratulations once again Mr. Njoroge Kagwe (Chairman) and your entire outgoing team for the good work you have done.
Asante, God bless you and God Bless Kenya!
Allan Bukusi, is the author of Training for Transformation and will be standing for the position of Chairman in the upcoming PTAK elections.  


  1. Hi Allan, You seem to be great man judging by the work posted here. You are an accomplished Author. Please rise to the next level and list the men and women - the National Team you would work with if elected.

  2. Thank you Gabriel, we are indeed working on assembling a team that will reflect our Associations aspirations.


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