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Friday, October 17, 2014

I have seen The New Africa!

Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to train a group 30 young people from Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. I have seen The New Africa; it is bold, it is fresh, it is formidable.  We spoke about leadership and Teamwork. In the young people's language – "it was awesome!" They had the energy, the wit and the will to make a difference in a world of broken dreams. In those youthful faces, I saw the future of the region; no, I saw the future of Africa.  The future of Africa is in a determined new start, a great new beginning that promises nothing of the past. In that room, perhaps for the first time in a long time, I saw the hope of a generation - one people, one country – one Africa. That Africa resides in the hearts of people who know who they are, who harbor no bitterness and all they want is a chance to make a difference. That Africa lies in the innocent belief that, "if I work hard enough and be the best I can be, I will become all that I was meant to be and be a blessing to all the world". I could not see color or country in that room. Yet in that space was character, competence and courage to change Africa -indeed courage to change the world! It made me wish I was young again, but again I am thankful that God gave me a chance to see the future established by a great new team of managers at GT.
Allan Bukusi

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