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Monday, October 13, 2014


I have begun reading yet another book about Africa and I am struck by the urgency of the need to change the messaging of the continent to one that is forward looking, empowering and God-full. We need to change the message from poverty to prosperity, from potential to productivity and from hope to harvest.

Indeed, we must be sensitive to the sufferings of our people in the past and to the present needs on continent, but at the same time, we must accept the responsibility to work out solutions to overcome the situations we face.  We must work out our own salvation to guarantee this nation a.future. If we do not do this, others will come and plague, pillage and plunder us again and again - even as we call for "help".

Rebrand your mind and let not the slavery, colonialism, despotism  and the poverty of the past define you. Rise up by the renewing of your mind, the salvation of the heart and redemption of your soul. In this condition you will raise up children who are born free and empower men and women to think well of themselves, do no evil to others and advance the nation of Africa. Then perhaps we will understand that Africa is not a God forsaken land, but a land that God will not forsake.

Allan Bukusi     

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