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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Three Boys & an Angel

Three boys were walking to school loudly discussing things that boys usually talk about on their way to school. Suddenly an Angel appeared from nowhere and stood in the middle of the path. The boys stood stock still. They were so scared they could not move, run or hide. The Angel looked down at them and with a stern discerning voice said, "This is your last day on earth, do what you must, for today at noon you shall surely die".
The first boy ran back home and turned on the TV and began to flip through all one the thousand channels to catch the last episodes of all the shows he hadn't watched.  The second boy ran home, took his father's wallet and ran down to the Fast Food store. He ordered the largest pizza, largest hamburger and all the largest foods in the restaurant. Then he sat down to eat and eat and eat. The third boy stood still for a long while and then slowly walked to school.
At noon, the Angel appeared again - in the classroom. The third boy bowed his head and waited for the end. Then the Angel said, "You have chosen well son. You have chosen the path to life. Unfortunately, your friends have also made their choice. Be careful what you chose to do in life it will always lead to the end.
Allan Bukusi

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