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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

East leads to West

East certainly leads to West. It is just that it takes a long time. It is much easier to turn around.

Allan Bukusi

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Spirit of Service

The Spirit of service is a very tired Spirit. Not because of the work,  but because of the great distance it has to cover to find a place to serve. There are thousands of needs the Spirit sees, but does not find a soul to meet the need. And so the Spirit travels thousands of miles, valleys homes and offices in search of a work. The Spirit does not even choose the work, but resides anywhere where the soul decides. The Spirit powers the soul of anyone who will offer a place to live and a job to do. But to find such a place the Spirit must travel far and wide in the hope that someone will open the door. The Spirit of service has one great fear that for all the years it has been here, there will be very little for heaven to hear of the service that has actually been done here.

Allan Bukusi

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My friend likes to argue, but does not listen to reason.

My friend likes to argue, but does not listen to reason. He makes many points, but does advance his position.  He has much knowledge, but lacks wisdom. He knows what he wants, but cannot get it because he will not use what he has. Does this sound like me?
Allan Bukusi

Monday, November 17, 2014

There is no greater honor

I can think of no greater honor, on earth, than to be a signpost pointing the next generation in the right direction.
Allan Bukusi

Sunday, November 16, 2014

General Kyles Toughest Assignment

General Kyle was a very successful intergalactic warrior. His job was to conquer worlds and bring them under the rule of good. He did this by infiltrating planets all over the galaxy and planting service agents in positions of authority and taking over the administration of these kingdoms. He had done this for a thousand years and was making good progress. His approach was to infiltrate kingdoms using the ports of entry and exit each planet provided. Some planets had open airports, while others required impersonation or mere impressions of identity. Once his agents were on the planet, General Kyle was able to communicate with them and teach them to do good and restore nature. This approach worked splendidly except for one little planet on the edge of the universe called Earth.

Earths entry and exit port was labelled; Birth and Death. Kyle was able to send in thousands of agents however, only a few were active. The active agents were getting old and unable to work as quickly as they used to. The problem was that the entry portal to earth had one condition. All entrants immediately lost all previous memory, knowledge and understanding. All entrants to earth had to start life as infants not immigrants. On other planets, they could immediately begin work. But on Earth, they had to find out who they were before they could become effective. This meant that there was a period of waiting, intense confusion and growing up before agents found out their calling. Many agents died before they found out their true identity. The old teachers were getting frustrated with their wards who had no clue of their earth mission. So the work of good was slowed and evil seemed to be gaining ground. Time was running out. Now the General had to decide whether to go to earth himself or sacrifice the little kingdom, let it burn and destroy itself. What would you do?
Allan Bukusi

Friday, November 14, 2014

Myles Munroe

Myles has done his miles and now he too belongs to the ages. I have five of Munroe’s books on my desk. They have been and still are good tires to use on life’s road. The principles and the power of vision inducted me into leadership at the beginning of my journey. By the time I read the spirit of leadership, I was convinced that I had found my calling.

It was not easy in those early days, so becoming a leader helped tremendously. I wrote to Myles and – wonder of wonders – he replied!  He sent me a  kind note encouraging me to, “serve your way to greatness”. I still keep that email. I pasted it on his book. By the time I was studying for a master’s degree in leadership, I gained invaluable insights from the principles and benefits of change. However, now that I lead several organizations, the one I like most and I believe to be his best is God’s Big Idea!
It has been eleven years since I was introduced to him, but the journey has been worth every mile. Now like a true leader he has gone on ahead. I don’t know how many miles I have left, but Ii know he gave me his best and perhaps it is good for him to rest. Goodbye Myles. I pray that I too will pass the test. Goodbye Myles and enjoy Gods pleasant rest.

Allan Bukusi


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Committees are not about minutes. They are about ideas, concepts, actions and agreement. You don't need many or long meetings to accomplish these things.
Allan Bukusi

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You are not paid to work!

You are not paid to work. You work to be paid. All work is voluntary. Work is first volunteered and then rewarded.

Allan Bukusi

The Prince

Long ago in a traditional Kingdom the King sent his son to study overseas. The king could see that the world was changing and wanted the prince to study how to preserve his homeland. The King soon died and the Prince came back home. The Prince excitedly began to implement changes to preserve his people. He built schools and hospitals and waited for the village to change. However, those who went to school left the village and only those who were sick went to hospital, but the village remained the same. He then built roads to open up the land bring people to the village. But though many people passed through the village, none of them stayed The village remained the same.

Finally, he called investors to come and teach the people how to do business.  However, while the investors got rich, the people in the village began to complain because for the first time they realized they were poor. The village remained the same. Frustrated, he turned to his grandmother and said, “I have tried everything what else can I do?”  His grandmother told him, “No you have tried everything except the things that the people value. To change what our people value, you must begin with the young ones.  Nevertheless, I must warn you that if you change our values both you and they will never be the same again”.

Allan Bukusi

Saturday, November 1, 2014

To have or to be

To have or to be; the difference between the rich and the great. For most of us it is to have that is great.
Allan Bukusi

The End of Life

Sometimes the things I never did make me wonder if I could ever have done them. The things I could have done make think about whether I should have done them. However, the things I did always make me consider how well I did them. What I did not do, I can do nothing about. What I could have done is only a matter of doubt. But what I did do is what life is about.
Allan Bukusi

Strategy is a system of success

Strategy is a system of success.
Allan Bukusi