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Sunday, November 16, 2014

General Kyles Toughest Assignment

General Kyle was a very successful intergalactic warrior. His job was to conquer worlds and bring them under the rule of good. He did this by infiltrating planets all over the galaxy and planting service agents in positions of authority and taking over the administration of these kingdoms. He had done this for a thousand years and was making good progress. His approach was to infiltrate kingdoms using the ports of entry and exit each planet provided. Some planets had open airports, while others required impersonation or mere impressions of identity. Once his agents were on the planet, General Kyle was able to communicate with them and teach them to do good and restore nature. This approach worked splendidly except for one little planet on the edge of the universe called Earth.

Earths entry and exit port was labelled; Birth and Death. Kyle was able to send in thousands of agents however, only a few were active. The active agents were getting old and unable to work as quickly as they used to. The problem was that the entry portal to earth had one condition. All entrants immediately lost all previous memory, knowledge and understanding. All entrants to earth had to start life as infants not immigrants. On other planets, they could immediately begin work. But on Earth, they had to find out who they were before they could become effective. This meant that there was a period of waiting, intense confusion and growing up before agents found out their calling. Many agents died before they found out their true identity. The old teachers were getting frustrated with their wards who had no clue of their earth mission. So the work of good was slowed and evil seemed to be gaining ground. Time was running out. Now the General had to decide whether to go to earth himself or sacrifice the little kingdom, let it burn and destroy itself. What would you do?
Allan Bukusi

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