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Friday, November 14, 2014

Myles Munroe

Myles has done his miles and now he too belongs to the ages. I have five of Munroe’s books on my desk. They have been and still are good tires to use on life’s road. The principles and the power of vision inducted me into leadership at the beginning of my journey. By the time I read the spirit of leadership, I was convinced that I had found my calling.

It was not easy in those early days, so becoming a leader helped tremendously. I wrote to Myles and – wonder of wonders – he replied!  He sent me a  kind note encouraging me to, “serve your way to greatness”. I still keep that email. I pasted it on his book. By the time I was studying for a master’s degree in leadership, I gained invaluable insights from the principles and benefits of change. However, now that I lead several organizations, the one I like most and I believe to be his best is God’s Big Idea!
It has been eleven years since I was introduced to him, but the journey has been worth every mile. Now like a true leader he has gone on ahead. I don’t know how many miles I have left, but Ii know he gave me his best and perhaps it is good for him to rest. Goodbye Myles. I pray that I too will pass the test. Goodbye Myles and enjoy Gods pleasant rest.

Allan Bukusi


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