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Saturday, January 10, 2015

What did you learn from your last "God Experience"?

There are incidents in life that happen to you that you do not plan for. Sometimes you take insurance against them. But you do not want them to happen to you (or anyone else). You fear these things so much that you do everything to avoid them. Nevertheless deep down you know that they are beyond you and if they come to you, you can do nothing to avoid them. Typically, when these things happen they are devastating, emotionally draining and derail all the plans you had for you. These “God experiences” set you back, set you up and sort you out.
God experiences cause you to stop, reflect and imagine. They are God experiences because they redirect your life whether you like it or not. Some of them are great, but others take you down paths you would never choose for yourself. So what do you do when the God experience happens to you? I don’t know. But I do know that God is speaking to you.
Mourn, cry, complain and feel the pain. It is real. Rejoice, shout about it and enjoy the moment, because really it is for only a moment. Study the mix you find yourself in. Look at your past. With hindsight, we all appear foolish, selfish and not a little irresponsible. At the time, none of us would admit it. But it is now important that you forgive and congratulate yourself for making it this far. Study the effect the God experience has on your life. Keep the good qualities it forces upon you. Then study the path laid out before you and determine to make it work for you, but more so for the others you will be led to or come across along the way. As you take tentative steps down the new path, determine to never be the same or pass this way again, but if you do pass this way again determine that you will be better next time and learn from it again.

Allan Bukusi

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