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Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Brave & Bold New Africa

I had the privilege of interacting with and learning from Old Africa and now I get to be part of a great future. There were many victories and challenges in Old Africa. Old Africa was raw, green and just independent. In Old Africa things changed from white to black, but that was not enough. Old Africa lacked education. People say it was corruption.  I grew up in my Africa. My Africa faced “catch up” challenges. By the time I was an adult my Africa was labeled “third world”. We were labeled the most backward a title not much different from colonialism or slavery. I have always hated this label, but relative to the rest of the technology world – what can I say?

However, I have been privileged to see a brave new Africa. A proud Africa. An educated Africa, a technological Africa and a bold new Africa. Africa has never left my heart. I pray that the new generation would realize that we were not born in Africa, we were called to Africa. This gives me hope as I look ahead and see Africa as it should be ... I am proud of this new generation. Africa is one nation, one people with one destiny in one world.  “ Africa is not a geographic location. Africa is home. Africa lives in the hearts, history and hope of her people.”

God Bless you

Allan Bukusi

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