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Saturday, March 21, 2015


Mandela House - Sowet
I travelled a week ago to Johannesburg. Of course, I was thrilled to make pilgrimage to the land of Mandela. Oone of the greatest men the world has ever seen. I was surprised by the depth of the economy and the vastness of the country that was apparent even from our limited stay. We interacted with conference participants who came from as far as six hundred miles away. I met people from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. In the Malls, I even met people from Tanzania. My travelling team had been to SA before so I was following along a step behind to make sure I did not miss anything from a first time visit. When we were finally done, I felt proud to be who I am. An African who comes from Africa.

Joburg presented us with a contrast in Africa. One that suggested that Africa is two places at the same time. Africa has its rugged beauty its people and vast land, but Africa is also advanced, asphalt and economics. There is a struggle to bring the two together. Perhaps Mandelas struggle is not over. Perhaps that is not Mandelas struggle, but ours. I think we need to bring these two Africas together. When I came back home and had some time alone I had to decide to which Africa I belong and only then can I bring hope to the Africa I belong.  By the way the house you see in the photos is Mandela House. The place the great man lived in SOWETO.

Allan Bukusi


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