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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Garissa is calling

What do Sharpsville, Selma Alabama, Auschwitz, Jallianwala Bagh and now Garissa have in common? Apart from being places where blameless people have been killed discriminately, these places have raised the moral conscience of nations to pay attention to the highly valued prize of unity, justice and freedom.   
These landmarks remind us that a people cannot be intimidated by injustice or an unjust cause. Indeed, the indomitable resolve of the people is ignited by injustice. These places reminded citizens that no wrong can become right because of might. These places elevate the spirits of ordinary men and women to those of saints who by their deaths water the field of justice so that the living can raise crops of peace.
These places remind us that what makes heroes is not the color of their blood, the nature of their creed, age or gender, but the fact that they will not bow to intimidation of an unjust cause. These places remind us that violence is not a virtue; neither does violence make any among us virtuous. While love calls for tolerance, hate cannot drive a peaceful agenda. Nevertheless, violence reveals the villain against the values of unity, justice and peace. The villain fears unity, justice and peace
However, these places offer us opportunity to water the fields of justice and raise crops of peace. They offer us an opportunity to safeguard our unity and protect our freedom. This is not an option. To succumb to the fear of a few who must use force to command a following is not valor. No force can prevail against the will of a people to enjoy God given freedom. Not even Robben Island. This is not the burden of a few “unlucky” families. It is our sacred duty to guard against robbers of unity, to do justice, to protect every man’s freedom and to raise crops of peace wherever we are.

Allan Bukusi



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