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Friday, August 28, 2015

Of learning and learners

Over time I have observed various types of learners. Those who have been sent to learn, those who have no urge to learn, those who are open to learn and those who take away what they learn. In all courses and programs at whatever level of corporate organization or academic development all four usually show up in various ratios. The predominance of the former is a very hard and frustrating work for the teacher and a great waste of effort for everyone. The predominance of the later is a proficient experience for everyone with a productive outcome. 
Those who have been sent to learn come without spirit, spark or resolve, since they have no personal conviction nothing the teacher says can be convincing. Those who have no urge to learn show up for the record and add a great dead weight. Without an urge to learn, they leave with no value no matter the urgency of the matter. Those who are open to learning open up streams of knowledge even the teacher does not know. Those open to learning draw on the energy and engage the ingenuity of the teacher. Yet those who take away what they learn grow in significance and change the world from that day on. After many days I may hear from and of the latter but never have I ever come across the former.

Allan Bukusi

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