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Saturday, November 14, 2015

God has given each one of us a burden...

God has given each one of us a burden, a share of humanity that each one of us must bear. My load is not lighter than yours and neither is yours better than mine. But that each of us may work for the good of all of us otherwise we would all sit back and become one selfish lot.

Allan Bukusi

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Poverty mentality - reloaded!

The most disturbing thing about the poverty mentality is not that it keeps one from getting ahead, but that it actually forces you to bring others down to your own level. Unfortunately, those  afflicted by this condition are unaware of what they are doing. Instead of focusing on their own development, they direct a great deal of energy to frustrate initiative and innovation and thus ensure they remain in the same position.

Allan Bukusi  

How to remain a leader

Leaders must spend at least ten percent of their time developing themselves in order to keep up with themselves as leaders in leadership roles with responsibility.

Allan Bukusi