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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Entrepreneurs Prayer

Lord, Please!
Send us workers!
Who love what they do and do what they love.
Who know that we must all give an account for the work we do,
Who work first for you, the people and then the money!
Who see opportunities in problems and don’t make problems of opportunity.
Who appreciate hard work, service and sacrifice as the key to good success.
Please do not bring us employees who are a burden to hire and a misery to fire. Do not bring us those who steal, take and will not give, break things, are dishonest and gossip about others, have no heart for what they do and act with venom and guile. Reveal them for who they are and save our companies and customers from the rot of these robbers.
And Lord,

Bless those who work for you in all they do. Bless them with health and wealth and well being. Increase their borders and may they not tire even if everyone else rebels, give them strength to remain faithful. And Lord may these receive your reward today in the land of the living so that the testimony of your goodness will be seen and the wicked will not boast that “ He did good, but his God forsook him and he died a fool”

Allan Bukusi

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