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Friday, January 27, 2017


The current predicament prevailing in Kenya is one that does warrant some scrutiny in detail. The trend of conditions indicate that though several players are pushing their interests and trying to create the advantage for themselves, the outcomes are really beyond all of them. The current global mood of intolerance does not favor strong international relations. In this environment every country is to fend for itself as everyone concentrates on their own business. In these circumstances I strongly recommend that we re-examine our national values and the spirit of our personal commitments to the land God has entrusted to us.

We know that drought is an (unfortunate) environmental phenomenon that man may bring about, but is certainly not in control of. Only God can right that wrong. Man is not in control of the elements and therefore his destiny is in the hands of God. Indeed, there are areas with no water; no crops and animals are dying in the fields. The people affected in these areas cannot vote in a government that will produce rain, nor will the award of higher rewards for striking workers produce crops in the fields.
There is a misplaced belief that politicians have the answer to the nation’s problems, but any set of politicians that will inherit leadership will be saddled with a government and a country to lead. I would be very careful in these circumstances and consider the fact that leadership at this time in the nation’s destiny would require divine intervention.  

The case of striking workers is one which entrepreneurs look on in pure wonder and amazement! No entrepreneur can go on strike. His or her livelihood depends solely on his or her own initiative. Save for the grace of God the entrepreneur has no recourse to his future. Employees, for some strange reason, entertain the privilege of unconditionally determining their pay. This is a most unfortunate circumstance in which no one benefits, people die, industry suffers and workers compromise their personal integrity.  Whether it is drought, politics, strikes or corruption the victims are the people. To my mind, these set of circumstances cannot be solved by any one man or even group of women. I beg you my people that it is time to seek the face of God.

Allan Bukusi is a leadership consultant and author of several eBooks

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