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Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year - 2017!

Happy New Year - 2017

Warm greetings from this part of the world - January 1 2017. What comes to mind as I think about this year is “New beginnings”. It may sound obvious that a new year should mark a new beginning, but many people will continues as they have done for the past year save the change of date. It is only those who make a deliberate choice to use the opportunities that this year presents that will enjoy a new beginning.

As an individual, I must examine my circumstances and identify where a new beginning is necessary in order to conserve and focus my energies and attention on those things that I want to make a difference in. There are those that I work and live with and can significantly influence. but much as I may want to change their world, they must take the initiative - I can only encourage and help them achieve their new beginning. Then there are new beginnings that I am part of and have very little influence over such as the National General Election in Kenya.  If I do nothing the outcome will affect me. If I do something the outcome will still affect me though I can influence a small change. However, since I have purposed to take advantage of opportunity then the National Elections present me an opportunity to add my voice to the voice of the people for a better future. So you will read a number of political articles in this blog while the season (read opportunity) lasts.

I have already wished you a happy new year. Nonetheless, the last paragraph sound like a challenge. I guess that is what a new year does. It gives you a chance to change, begin again, but an option to continue to do the things you normally do (and this may not be a bad thing). The season of good will, forgiveness and acceptance and resolution remains in the air for but a short season. You need to make your choices today quickly because in less than a week or two the season will and form many it will be business as usual – thus the opportunity for a new beginning will be under seal for another 364 days.

Allan Bukusi


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