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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Leading 21st Century Africa

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This was a vision that resurrected old dreams for the continent that had been dashed in the aftermath of independence – a vision dedicated to transforming Africa into a place where all people can achieve their aspirations. A future of peace and stability through institutions of good governance, respect for human rights; responsible accountable leadership; and, above all, the rule of law. Kofi Annan

When thinking of Africa in the 21st century, one must think beyond the self and current reality. The danger with looking too closely at the present is to see traditions and stereotypes and to be satisfied and justified with findings to the extent that those findings replace the future. Nonetheless, futures are created by minds that have a clear vision of another day, another time and another place that has never been. This is why transforming Africa is such a critical text for readers because while it acknowledges facts and data, it also examines possibility and the ethos of practical future thinkers. Leaders must be people willing to lay foundations for new beginnings and brave enough to suggest processes that will recreate and transform what is to what can be. Africa’s 21st Century leaders will lead a renewed continent with a cultural paradigm significantly removed from the present. This book lays the foundations a transformational mindset that looks at the future from a future point of view and only considers the present as a key to that future.

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