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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Never say never!

I never thought I would ever want to be on a golf course for any reason. I thought that the concept of swinging a “bat” and searching tall grass for a “lost ball” was something that only people with nothing to do could spend time doing. But lo and behold – I am in! When I took my first swing at the club, I felt that I should have started this a long time ago. It was enjoyable and challenging at the same time. And of course, just like any other sport requires skill and a good sense of discipline.  Was I surprised? – Yes! Should I have been surprised?– Well no! Standing in the way for my opportunities was an attitude block. My misplaced assumptions about golf have kept me away from a chance to swing the club for 50 years! Save for the gentle nudging of David, It would never have happened. Sometimes you need friends like that. They don’t force you. They just let you try what you can do and what is good for you.

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