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Friday, January 13, 2017

Stewardship is the first and last step of management

Stewardship is the first and last step of management. In the start it is given in the end it is taken away. In between is its nature. It does not matter that it is the repair of an old shoe or the trust of a life. Stewardship is in the character of the person not the nature of the item. The principle of stewardship is the same; in much as in little.

You can tell who will make a good manager by his or her stewardship of themselves and their life. A young student who makes a point of being neat, clean and well kempt is taking care of themselves. A student who takes care of school books and takes care of things placed in their care may not be the brightest student, but they will be reliable, consistent and dependable. They will also inspire and win confidence and trust of others. People study to apply the principles and functions of management; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Yet, stewardship is the mark of excellence that separates the successful from success, responsible from response and trustworthy from trusted.  

Allan Bukusi

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