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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Keys To Prosperity

After thousands of years of the desperate search for personal wealth in human labor and employment, how can it be that so few of us have found the key? One might say that wealth and prosperity is limited to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. While I might agree that entrepreneurs mount a spirited and determined campaign to achieve prosperity far beyond the average citizen, employers shelter and enable the dreams of employees. The keys to prosperity are not hidden from employees. For a start both employers and employees depend on enterprise – employees could employ more of the same (enterprise) in their personal lives. While employers seek capital to grow the business, employees could use their salaries more productively. While employers work hard to keep enterprises going, employees could engage a little more personal initiative to secure their jobs. While profit does not guarantee happiness, employees would be happier with a little more pay. While employers pursue a vision with passion, it might be useful for more employees to set personal financial goals. The keys to prosperity are not limited to entrepreneurs or employers. If the keys to enterprise are mastered by employees, we can have an economic revolution in less than one generation – Get the keys to your own prosperity – Buy it, sell it not!

Allan Bukusi 

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