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Saturday, January 14, 2017


The Master Trainer is written to develop and empower professional trainers covering the principles, process and effective practice of corporate training. It is an essential text for business, career executives and experts in various fields who periodically find themselves saddled with training roles as part of their job. The Master Trainer is also an excellent primer for Business & Human Resources Development students and new entrants to the training profession.

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Written from a practical process point of view by an experienced professional trainer, will be very useful for Training Administrators, Business Executives, Corporate Trainers, Training Managers, Training Consultants, and Training Directors of corporate organizations.

Anyone who wants to know how to go about the business of training corporate organizations, creating a training program and making effective presentations will find this book a great place to start. The capacity and competence to administer effective training and training events takes training skills that are a valuable competence for any professional, business executive, group leader or anyone charged with strategic organization development. Your training ability to inspire, influence and empower others will mark you out as a leader in society. Practicing and aspiring independent training consultants will find this book particularly useful as a guide to successful professional practice.

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The Master Trainer

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