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Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Millennials are here to stay!

The “Millennials” are a population bubble that and grew up around the turn of the year 2000. This special group of global citizens share a remarkably similar cross-cutting, inter-ethnic, inter-racial community culture despite their dispersed location in every nation around the globe. Apart from the fact that they are young, non energetic and laid back denizens who do fun for a living, they can easily be described by the “insta” of instagram that delivers immediate, ecstatic freedom and unsustainable joy. Millennials characteristically lack drive for anything that resembles labor especially if that labor does not facilitate immediate fame or viral recognition.

Before you cast off, dismiss or shun this special group of citizens who make up a complete epoch in the destiny of humanity, it would be very important to examine the environment into which they were born. Just like it is virtually impossible for you to imagine what the world was like before you were born, millennials’s cannot imagine a world without tap water, color television, internet, cell phones, facebook and earphones! millennials grew up in the most empowered of times when the world was at its most educated, children’s rights most feted and 911 a global standard. Instead of teaching this generation to work we sent them to school, where we withdrew the power of teachers to discipline, for sixteen years and told them they could do anything they wanted. The only work they do is for charity. Because their parents grew up in lack they made sure the children would never be in want. The only word we taught them was Yes you can! This generation does not understand the word No. Morals are not a priority.  Millennials present a special challenge in the work place. They watch their dreams on flat screens. That makes it pretty hard for them to be motivated or remain inspired by anything. Their aspirations are sustained by what is current, cutting edge and trending.

Because the Millennials grew up without want they really don’t want anything. Neither do they have a natural desire to pursue, achieve or complete anything. Millennials aspire for good jobs but are just as ready to resign by sending a text message the morning after! Such are their relationships too; fickle, faint and based on imaging. Behaving like you are rich is considered the same as being rich. Trust is something you do when you want something back, while courtesy is reserved for friends who can be unfriended with a swipe of a finger. The social additions of alcohol, smoking and drugs have been replaced with texting, plugging-in and tuning out your neighbor.

Is there something wrong with millennials? Not really. This generation must find their lot in this segment of history, find a way to make a success of it and keep humanity alive for another generation. They simply unprecedentedly present the conflict of the ages where the values of the previous generation are denigrated, trashed as old fashioned - as a mark of progress. It happened and has been happening long before the days of the hippies. The millennials have an unmistakable culture. They are young, loyal to no one, not even themselves, they cannot deal face to face but crave instant gratification as the measure of success. Like every generation before it, the millennials are here to stay.

Allan Bukusi

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