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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

To be king is all that matters

A King must have something for the people to do in order to rule them.  The pharaohs of ancient Egypt ruled their people by occupying them with building Pyramids to what end? To be buried in. The Kings of Europe occupied their people building palaces and castles for them to live in. These rulers somehow convinced the people that these were not just noble causes but causes worth working, living and dying for. The leaders of political states occupy the people with dreams of freedom, development and economic growth. Somehow we believe these dreams are worth working, living and dying for. It seems that to successfully engage people in a cause they are willing to work, live and die for is to succeed in politics. The people are the instrument; the cause is a decoy and the king the beneficiary. Try as I might I don’t see how this situation can be reversed.  Unless the cause benefits the people, perhaps to be king is all that matters.

Allan Bukusi

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