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Friday, March 10, 2017

No is not a reason to give up on a good thing!

Many of my prized accomplishments in life have been because I have been told NO enough times to find another way getting it done. Frustration has its place. It can be intimidating and depressing. But perhaps it is telling you something – to be more creative, adaptive or persuasive. If it be a good thing, it may just mean you need to find an alternative; take a longer and perhaps more challenging road to realize your objective. NO is never a good reason to give up on a good thing!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Gender Question

The gender question in cities has merged the roles of the sexes. Men and women do the same things. The social distance between the two has been shortened to the extent that a look, a handshake and a hug are equated to intimacy. The urban setting challenges the benefits of the natural diversity of men and women built in by the creator. Unfortunately, because men and women are equal and no different there can be no such thing as promiscuity.

Choose life

The moment you refuse to work with your hands is the moment you choose the life of a beggar.

Give me a man

Give me a man who works with his head and he may become a smart worker. Give me a man who works with his hands and I will teach him a trade. Give me a man who works with his heart and you can teach him anything!