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Friday, September 1, 2017

Why I want you to be creative!

Why do I want you to be creative? Because creative people rule the world! Creative people are rich – in many ways. They solve problems we could not be bothered to imagine. Creative people think and do. Most of us do because we are told to; creative people think and make and do for us what we could not be bothered to do it for ourselves. Creative people explore the life the rest of us find a chore. While creative people achieve, the rest merely receive. Creative people make the future the rest of us live it.  We pay creative people to entertain us, to serve us and to show us the way. Most of us aspire for no more than a challenge creative people make the challenge, recreate the challenge and live beyond it. Creatives set goals when most of us are satisfied with roles. Creatives see things, sense things and question things. They ponder and mull things and do things differently. Creative people never lack things to do, they do what is available, what they need to do and then do some more. The rest of us make do with what comes our way and if it does not come, we do not go out of our way to look for it. While most of us are prepared to go the extra mile, creative people go all the way! To be creative is the reason you were created. To create is to find meaning in life, create value for the world and leave a legacy. Creativity will lead you to a career and if there is none your creativity will make a career for you. Find what you were made to create and get to it. Nothing more can be more fulfilling. Nothing more can be more of a calling. Nothing more can be so gripping. Nothing more can be more of a reason to be. Get to it and get to be.

Allan Bukusi